Master’s Club is wonderful ministry for our children that literally changes their lives. Not only do they make new friends, learn about teamwork and responsibility, they learn about the Lord. They learn his word and how to live it each day.


Think a 4-Year old can Memorize 20 verses in a year? Let a 4 Year Old Master Club Astound you by not only memorizing the verses, but applying them as well! These Beginners will surprise you by what they learn and how their little lives will change.


1st through 3rd graders will join the Lookouts, Spotters, and Scouts will discover how they can be used by God even while they are still children. Throughout the Primary years, each Clubber can earn up to 42 badges and 6 ribbons while memorizing over 60 verses.

Ambassadors for Christ

4th through 6th graders begin to unlock key Bible principles including Bible Study, Christian Service, Christian Living, Bible Doctrines, and more. You will be amazed as your children grow in their relationships with God through our Ambassadors discipleship program. With over 90 badges to earn and 90 verses to learn, there is always something to keep your children motivated to study their Bibles and develop godly habits.


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