We are so glad you have taken the time to visit our Website. Below, we have made a list of what we feel are the most common questions people have before attending a service at White Oak Baptist Church. If we missed your question, please feel free to either give us a call at 203.381.0559 or email us at whiteoakbaptistch@gmail.com.

akbaptistch@gmail.com, or to send a message directly to Pastor LeJeune, Click Here.

Where are you located?

You will find White Oak Baptist Church at 5344 Main Street, Stratford, Connecticut  06614.

We are on Main Street Putney by Booth Memorial Park.

We are located just south of Sikosky Aircraft Company on Main Street Putney. We are on the south side of Merritt Park Way, exit 54.

When are your services?

We have two Sunday morning services, on at 8:30 am and another at 10:45 am.

Both follow the same, conservative format and our Pastor Richard LeJeune, shares the same Bible message.


At 9:45 am, we have Life Stage Bible Classes.

These classes are engineered to engage you in the church, and teach you a practical lesson from the Word of God that affects your life today.


Sunday Evenings, we gather together again for a 6:00 pm Evening Service. Here, Pastor will encourage us as we look forward to the week ahead.


Wednesday evenings, we come back for a 7:00 pm prayer meeting. Here, we spend more time focused on prayer and Pastor will encourage us to grow in our Christian walk.

Our clean, safe nursery is available during all services for infants and toddlers. During our Sunday morning services, Bible classes, and Wednesday evening prayer meeting, children ages 4-12 have special classes designed just for them.

What are your services like?

Our services follow a conservative, Bible-based outline. Each service, we as a congregation sing hymns, hear about upcoming events, and here a Bible-based message from our Pastor, Richard LeJeune. To hear an encouraging sermon, please Click Here.

What about my children?

For those with infants and toddlers, we invite you to see our clean and loving nursery. There, you will meet our caring nursery workers, learn about our safety and communication systems, and communicate with us any special instructions unique to your family.

Elementary school children attend their own special Kids Class, designed with teaching the Word of God in a fun and engaging way. Children are taught on their level and are challenged to love God for themselves.  For more information, Click Here.

Middle and High School students attend a dedicated Sunday school class where the Bible is made relevant to their lives. They will also learn about Wednesday Night Teen Talks, as well as special activities and camps they are invited to join. For more information, Click Here.

What should I wear?

People from every walk of life call White Oak Baptist Church their home. When you attend our services, you will see people dressed as formally, or as informally, as they are comfortable in. We care about you, not your wardrobe.

How do I contact you?

Our phone number is 203.381.0559. When you call, a directory will play to get you to the right person. Save

Our email address is whiteoakbaptistch@gmail.com, or to send a message directly to Pastor LeJeune, Click Here.